slowhand6's Case

Danville (New York Pro)
Roundneck Resonator (2006)
Blonde Wood

A gift from my mentor Jeff Hostetter to show me how to do setup work on dobros, this started out a pretty unimpressive instrument. They retail for about $120. However, after manipulating the cone ring by removing wooden baffles, then leveling the rim of the ring for the cone to sit on, then upgrading to a Beard cone, removing the heel rest over the bridge, adding rosewood-tipped split saddle and    more >

Les Paul Studio (2005)

314 LTD, "Legends of the Fall" (2001)
Koa back and sides, spruce top

This guitar won the John Lennon songwriting contest in the Christian category with its previous owner, Clint Lagerberger. It is my go-to guitar. Originally it had a Fishman soundhole humbucker pickup. I installed a Fishman Aura undersaddle piezo pickup in it in 2007. Inlay artist Amy Hopkins scribed a banjo inlay pattern on the fretboard, modeled after the inlya pattern on Jerry Garcia's Alembic    more >

O-15 (1955)

My uncle gave this guitar to me so that I could learn how to play when I was twelve. I nearly destroyed it. He asked for it back when I was fourteen. He then gave it to me again when I was twenty three and got married. I had the neck reset, cracks repaired in the back and sides, and the bridge reglued. There is now a Fishman Aura undersaddle piezo pickup in it that I installed with my mentor    more >

L-48 (1952)