7s' 2018 Friedman ASM-12 Profiler Monitor

2018 Friedman ASM-12 Profiler Monitor

ASM-12 Profiler Monitor (2018)

I love my Kemper Modeling Head but I really wanted to be able to crank it up sometimes and running a modeler through another amp kind of defeats the purpose of having a modeler. I looked at other FRFR ( full range, flat response) speakers like the Line 6 but I was disappointed by the sound. They felt and sounded small.  Friedman has a great name in speakers and amps so I gave this one a try and it is amazing! I get all of the different tones and range in the Kemper and the tube amp models have all of the 'thump' I've been missing. The shape of the ASM-12 is also very flexible. It can sit like a floor monitor or be mounted vertically on a speaker stand.

Here's Friedman's description:

The Friedman ASM - 12 powered monitor was designed and voiced for use with today’s guitar amp modelers and profilers including Fractal Audio Axe - Fx, Kemper Profiler, Line 6 HD Series and others.The ASM - 12 delivers rich authentic tones, allowing you get the most out of these systems in live use and playback applications

The ASM - 12 features a Celestion 12″ loudspeaker with a 2.5″ edge wound voce coil and a premium Celestion high frequency compression driver.At the heart of the ASM - 12 is a robust 500w Bi - Amp Class - G amplifier that is anything but digital.This proprietary amplifier design delivers rich, full tone and a wide frequency response making it suited for backline, stage monitoring or even as your main PA speaker.

Key features include: Bi - Amp power module with high efficiency Class G low frequency amplification with a high current output stage and custom signal processing; clip / limit, thermal, and short circuit protection; line level output for linking multiple speakers ; optimized acoustic designs using a PETP film compression driver diaphragm; heat vented low frequency drivers; and a hand crafted in the USA, sturdy Baltic birch construction.Controls include level knob, low - cut filter switch, ground lift and power switches.The ASM - 12 was designed to operate on the floor as a stage monitor or to be pole mounted on a 1 1 / 2″ diameter speaker stand.

The Friedman ASM - 12 powered loudspeaker was designed using advanced acoustic and audio techniques with premium components, comprehensive protection circuitry, and robust construction to provide years of consistent, reliable performance. 

  • Type:Solid State 
  • Number of Channels:
  • Total Power:500W 
  • Speaker Size:1 x 12" 
  • Inputs:1 x XLR 
  • Outputs:1 x XLR 
  • Height:26.5"
  • Width:16.5"
  • Depth:16"
  • Weight:52 lbs.

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