7s' Case

Boden Fusion 6 (2020)

With an emphasis on tonal versatility and fluid playability, the Strandberg Boden Fusion 6 solidbody electric guitar is a wonderful tool for highly technical players. If you've never played a Strandberg before, you'll immediately notice the innovative EndurNeck profile, which minimizes strain in your fretting hand and helps reduce playing-related injuries. Complete with Strandberg's EGS Series 5    more >

Acoustasonic Telecaster (2019)

The American Acoustasonic Telecaster Ziricote features a wood that is similar visually to rosewood, but carries grains with shades of gray and olive greens. It is known for having deep, rich bass tones and clear trebles. In addition to the ziricote top, the back, sides and of this guitar are made of smooth-playing white limba (also referred to as korina), marking an elegant compliment.    more >

4003 Bass (2018)

The Iconic Rickenbacker Bass. "Roundabout." The sound of that legendary Yes bass line is seared into the auditory memory of many most musicians: an early-1960s Rickenbacker 4001S strung with round-wounds. With their punchy treble, solid bottom end, and ringing sustain, Rickenbacker basses helped forge the sound of classic rock in the capable hands of progressive bassists such as Chris Squire,    more >

Paul Reed Smith
Custom 24 (2018)
Blue Matteo Ten Top

At the intersection of form and function lives this ravishing 10 Top Blue Matteo PRS. Featuring a highly flamed 10 Top graded Maple top in eye-popping Blue Matteo finish, a dramatic grain pattern on the Mahogany body, and beautiful natural finish binding, this Custom 24 turns heads every time I play it (mostly mine). The Custom 24 is the quintessential PRS guitar. This iconic instrument was the    more >

SG (2017)
Heritage Cherry

Immortalized by Santana at Woodstock and smashed onstage by Townsend, the Gibson SG is a rock icon. Gibson's Nashville-made SG Standard 2018 is the real deal, arming you with a pair of toneful humbuckers, a slim-profile neck, and a silky Plek'd rosewood fretboard with action that's almost non-existent. The SG's lightweight mahogany body delivers great sustain and no pain, even if you play all    more >

Kingman Bass SCE (2017)
3-Color Sunburst

The Kingman Bass SCE is a special instrument, delivering fantastic acoustic projection, built with versatile onboard electronics, and dressed in the phenomenal retro-cool style of Fender's California Series. More than just a pretty bass, it also provides the smooth and comfortable playing experience you expect from a fine Fender bass, with a maple Jazz Bass® neck and a convenient cutaway that    more >

Affinity Telecaster (2016)
Competition Orange

I bought this guitar as an "office guitar." One that I could leave at the office and if something happened to it, well, it was just $199 to begin with. I was looking for something that matched GoDaddy's colors and when Squier came out with this competition orange color, the choice was easy. I added some GoDaddy flair to it with custom printed stickers (they come off cleanly if needed) and    more >

Pawn Shop Bass VI (2014)
Candy Apple Red

Pawn Shop basses evoke the more eccentric Fender creations of the mid-’60s to mid-’70s while delivering modern sound and quality with a fascinating mix of various Fender elements. Boldly creative, these adventurous “guitars that never were but could have been” include brand-new designs and long-vanished classics returning in modern form. With a deeply satisfying rumble,    more >

Memphis ES Les Paul (2014)

The perfect marriage of Les Paul and ES-335 yields powerful tones and a lightweight playing feel, courtesy of PAF-style MHS pickups, rounded 'C' neck profile, historic details and more. This elegant guitar has an AAA figured laminated maple top with spruce top bracing and a mahogany body that's weight-relieved with a mahogany centerblock. It sports a modified 1959 profile, one-piece mahogany neck    more >

Kelly Guitars
Custom Bowery Pine Telecaster (2010)
White Natural

OK, technically this isn't a guitar yet, but since I've placed my order I'm adding it here.  On a recent trip to New York, I placed an order for a custom Telecaster by Rick Kelly.  Fretboard Journal did an article on Kelly Guitars in their Fall 2009 issue and after reading it I just had to stop by to see what the fuss was about. Rick Kelly makes guitars from very old wood (over 150    more >

360 12C63 (2009)

  I was at Sam Ash Music on 48th Street in Manhattan, just playing around with another Rickenbacker 12 string when Steve Pisani asked if I wanted to see something really cool. He brings out this 360 12C63 and tells me that most people are waiting for 18 months to get one, but he just happens to have on available. I plugged it in and it was just amazing from the get-go. The classic    more >

Corvette $$ (2008)
Natural Oil

I was looking for a nice, active 4 string and I had read some great stuff about Warwicks.  It also doesn't hurt that John Entwistle played them for quite a while so I went to try out one of the Corvette double buck basses ($$ - double buck -- get it?) and it absolutely delivered.  Very punchy in the low end and capable of a bright top that rivals a Rickenbacker.  The dual active    more >

Standard Stratocaster HSS (2008)
Lake Placid Blue

My goal with this guitar was to play around with the electronics, replacing the pickups and pots and try to turn a lower cost Mexi-Strat into a very flexible tone machine!  So far, it is working great.  I've replaced the stock pickups with two Lindy Fralin vintage hot single coils and the humbucker is a Lindy Fralin Pure PAF.  It sounds awesome!  I replaced the white pickguard    more >

Yairi Masterworks
FYM95C Aura (2008)

Kazuo Yairi has dedicated his life to crafting the absolute guitar. Every moment of that time, and every bit of his expertise, is reflected in the Yairi Masterworks Series. Each instrument is entirely hand-made using only the finest aged and naturally air-seasoned tonewoods. Their solid spruce tops, with a combination of various back and side tonewoods, create a rich balance of warmth, sweetness    more >

Highway One Precision Bass (2008)
Midnight Wine

Jeff Beck Stratocaster (2007)
Olympic White Rosewood

One of the most amazing guitars that Fender is making today, the Jeff Beck Stratocaster combines the noiseless pickups with the roller nut. It was weird to me that you couldn't get the roller nut on any other production strat that still has the three single coil pickups. I simply love this guitar!  

Les Paul Custom (2006)
Tobacco Sunburst

The thing that originally attracted me to this guitar is the amazing wood. The curly maple in the top looks like it is popping out of the finish, it is so active. I once met the president of Gibson and he said that the guitar is the man's diamond. If so, then this one if forever. It is a Gibson Custom Shop reissue of the 1959 Les Paul.

F-100 Series II (1981)

Back in high school, I was looking for a guitar that I could go nuts on the tremolo but still keep it in tune.  I wanted to avoid the locking trems just due to the extra work and tools when I did break a string (that, and tuning was more of a pain back then).  When I tried my first G&L, I knew I had finally found the one.  After much scrimping and saving, I ordered this F-100    more >

00-28G Classical (1957)
Natural Spruce

Certainly one of the greatest Christmas gifts ever.  My father gave me this guitar this year (2009) - he bought it back in 1958, used it to serenade my mother.  I grew up with this guitar, pretending to play it along with rock albums through the 70s before I even started playing.  The tone is absolutely gorgeous and it is in great shape for a 51 year old, actively played    more >