7s' 2008 Fender Standard Stratocaster HSS (Lake Placid Blue)

2008 Fender Standard Stratocaster HSS (Lake Placid Blue)

Standard Stratocaster HSS (2008)
Lake Placid Blue

My goal with this guitar was to play around with the electronics, replacing the pickups and pots and try to turn a lower cost Mexi-Strat into a very flexible tone machine!  So far, it is working great.  I've replaced the stock pickups with two Lindy Fralin vintage hot single coils and the humbucker is a Lindy Fralin Pure PAF.  It sounds awesome!  I replaced the white pickguard with a Fender pearloid one so it is pretty easy to tell which shots are the before and after shots.

I also installed an Acme Guitar Works Tone Shaper which lets me play around with different capacitors and electronics configurations without a ton of soldering.  It is currently set up with the volume kit to keep from rolling off treble as the volume is decreased, a .033uF capacitor on the tone knob and a blender knob which lets me mix in the opposite pickup in switch positions 1,2,4 or 5.  I recorded some little snippets before and after the pickup swap so I'll see if I can show the tonal difference between the two sets.

Update: September 5, 2010: I changed the pickups again and put on a silver reflective pickguard.  It shows lots of fingerprints but it also makes for some great pictures!

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