7s' Gear

EVH Phase 90 (2009)

I tried out several different phasers before settling on this one.  The real kicker for me was the switch that lets you go between the classic script MXR Phase 90 and the more recent "block logo" Phase 90.  It's like getting the best of both worlds (pardon the VH pun there) but with only one spot on the pedal board.


I've tried tons of different distortion effect pedals and most of them were too fuzzy for my liking. I love a smooth distortion and when I tried and OCD, I knew I had finally found it. Nice and smooth and with the option of putting a bunch of boost on top.  

Clyde Deluxe

Whammy 4 (2009)

This was kind of an impulse purchase in that I tweeted about DigitechWhammy.com and took a look at the site and thought this could be a very useful tool so I headed down to the music store and tried one out.  At first, it seemed a bit gimmicky but when I started playing through a nice amp, a ton of creative possibilities just started pouring out and I started recognizing songs that    more >

Super Champ XD (2011)

'65 Princeton Reverb Tweed

Profiler Head (2017)

With the Kemper Profiling Amplifier, you create a profile of your very own amplifiers (or whatever you can get your hands on) and store it into memory. It's a true guitar preamplifier with real gain and tone knobs ready to plug into a power amp, sound system, or recording system. The real magic begins when you start shaping your tone with the Profiling Amplifier's tone controls - Kemper's    more >

ASM-12 Profiler Monitor (2018)

I love my Kemper Modeling Head but I really wanted to be able to crank it up sometimes and running a modeler through another amp kind of defeats the purpose of having a modeler. I looked at other FRFR ( full range, flat response) speakers like the Line 6 but I was disappointed by the sound. They felt and sounded small.  Friedman has a great name in speakers and amps so I gave this one a    more >