7s' 1981 G&L F-100 Series II (Black)

1981 G&L F-100 Series II (Black)

F-100 Series II (1981)

Back in high school, I was looking for a guitar that I could go nuts on the tremolo but still keep it in tune.  I wanted to avoid the locking trems just due to the extra work and tools when I did break a string (that, and tuning was more of a pain back then).  When I tried my first G&L, I knew I had finally found the one.  After much scrimping and saving, I ordered this F-100 from Rolls Music in Virginia and it has been the most significant guitar in my life.  I played it for several years in bands and its flexibility has always been awesome but more importantly, it was the guitar I was playing when I first met the my wife.  They are both keepers :)

With the Leo Fender heritage, it can get a great Strat/Tele sound in some combinations yet with the double coil pickups it can get a much heavier sound as well.  Even today, nearly 30 years later, the tremolo still comes back up from a deep dive in tune.

The 'Q' on it, by the way, was added back in college when I would spell my name with a Q.  Ahh college...

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