7s' 2020 Strandberg Boden Fusion 6 (Black)

2020 Strandberg Boden Fusion 6 (Black)

Boden Fusion 6 (2020)

With an emphasis on tonal versatility and fluid playability, the Strandberg Boden Fusion 6 solidbody electric guitar is a wonderful tool for highly technical players. If you've never played a Strandberg before, you'll immediately notice the innovative EndurNeck profile, which minimizes strain in your fretting hand and helps reduce playing-related injuries. Complete with Strandberg's EGS Series 5 tremolo bridge for expressive bends and bombs that return to perfect pitch, the Strandberg Boden Fusion 6 is a performance-focused instrument for demanding players.

From super clean to ultra mean

Designed for maximum sonic flexibility, the Strandberg Boden Fusion 6 sports a trio of Suhr pickups in HSH configuration — a Suhr SSV humbucker at the neck, a Suhr V60LP single-coil pickup in the middle, and a Suhr SSH+ humbucker at the bridge. The tone is powerful and detailed at all gain levels, from clean to fully distorted, and it really comes into its own with low to medium gain settings. While its tonal range makes it appropriate for a wide range of musical styles, the Boden Fusion 6 will feel and sound right at home with fusion players.

Unique EndurNeck profile

Strandberg's guitars are built to feel great; that's why they're played by some of the biggest names in fusion today. When you play this guitar for the first time, the first thing you'll notice is the shape of the neck. Strandberg's patented EndurNeck has a rear-shifted trapezoid shape that is reinforced with carbon fiber. This headless neck is incredibly comfortable and stable, and it facilitates a more relaxed grip that helps to reduce playing injuries.

Multi-scale fretboard

The fretboard of a Strandberg is instantly recognizable for its multi-scale configuration. A multi-scale fretboard assigns each string its own scale length. This allows low strings to intonate better at high tension and makes bending high strings a breeze. The Boden Fusion 6's EndurNeck is capped by a 20"-radius pau ferro fretboard with a 25"–25.5" scale length. And its 24 jumbo frets are made from stainless steel for its amazing resistance to wear over the long term.

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