MissJackson's Case

Affinity Special Ed. Telecaster (2009)
Butterscotch Blonde

2009 has been a gassy year for me.  I bought this at the GC labor day "The List" sale.  I added an Alnico 3 neck pickup.  The bridge is original; I may change that at some point.  I also added a 4-way switch and Fender Chrome knobs.  I love Squier Telecasters for some reason, even the inexpensive Affinity models.  I love the color on this model, especially the wood    more >

Classic Vibe 50s Telecaster (2009)

I bought this after seeing all of the glowing reviews on TDPRI.  The sound and feel is unbelievable for the price.  The pickguard is oddly thick.  I will probably change that and install a 4-way switch.  Other than that, I will likely leave it alone.  I even like the sound of the bridge pickup which is rare for me.  I like the color more than I thought, especially    more >

Les Paul Studio (2009)
Worn Cherry

My first Gibson...I jumped at it once the price fell to $799.  It will probably be the only Gibson I will own at least in the near term.  They are pretty expensive.

Les Paul Custom (2009)

I lusted after the Gibson model, but it's way too expensive.  I bought this before they came out with the Studio Silverburst.  Nice sound...very pretty, but heavy.  I bought this and a week later bought the Gibson LP Studio.  This is supposedly a limited edition as well.

Deluxe Blackout Telecaster (2008)

My first Fender Tele.  I love the all black look.  No modifications done to this.  I bought it from a seller on eBay who did a wonderful setup on it before shipping it off.

Vintage Modified HSS Stratocaster (2008)
Gunmetal Gray

I treated myself to this to make it through a hellacious Pentagon rotation.  I hated the white pickguard, so I painted it black.  Not sure if I like it black or not; I may go back to white.  Neither seem quite right with this finish.  I did some serious modifications (at least for me) to this.  I am new at the modification thing, so this was a big job for me.  Not    more >

American Special Mahogany HSS Strat (2008)
Crimson Red Transparent

I saw this at Guitar Center here in town and had to have it just because of its looks.  It took me a few months to save up for it.  I ended up buying one on eBay, b/c GC wouldn't give me a good enough deal on the one they had in the store.  No modifications.  It is fine as is.  It comes with Tex Mex (neck and middle) and Diamondback (humbucker) pickups.  Oh and it    more >

Les Paul Studio Chameleon (2008)

Limited Edition.  I believe these have sold out.  I don't really play this...it just stays in the case that my Gibson came in.  It always shows up green in photos, but it does flip flop between blue, green, purple and sometimes brown.  I added the pickguard; it didn't come with one.

Affinity Telecaster (2007)

My first telecaster.  I love Susan Tedeschi's music, so I had to get a Tele.  I modified this by adding a middle pickup and a black pickguard (well I painted the white one black).

Deluxe Players Stratocaster (2007)
Transparent Blue

My first Fender and my first Stratocaster.  I hated the original tortoiseshell pickguard, so I attempted to paint it which I failed at miserably.  So I used a Proline pickguard that I bought from GC and had to route some holes in the body to get the pickguard to line up right.  I also had to route a hole in the pickguard for the switch.

Classic Players 50s Stratocaster (2006)
Shoreline Gold

2006 Anniversary Edition.  I bought this as a "Scratch and Dent" from Musician's Friend.  It didn't have one scratch or dent on it.  I bought it in 2008, so I'm not sure how I lucked out on the 2006 anniversary model, but I'll take it.  It is Custom Shop designed, but made in Mexico.  I go back and forth on the color, but the sound and quality makes up for the gold color.    more >

Stevie Ray Vaughan Signature Strat (2003)

My pride and joy.  I love Stevie Ray.  I hope to buy '92 model at some point.